Why I Write

2014-07-30 14.37.01I started writing to process an emotionally difficult time during college. On this blog, you’ll find pieces of my journey through dealing with spiritual and mental burnout, becoming a mother, pursuing Jesus, and striving to live a life that’s authentic and vulnerable.

Most importantly, this blog is a place to be honest with you. It’s a place to process together and learn from each other, because we’re in this life together. 

Writing is a way to piece together an array of thoughts and experiences, and to integrate what God is teaching me into my life. Living wholeheartedly and pursuing holiness opens up space for Jesus to heal, create, undo, and stretch me. I hope that as you read, you’ll blessed in some way by these words. I hope you feel heard and understood and known, because you are. Not by me, but by Jesus.

With love.




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