We’re Finally Here!


For all those who are wondering, we made it to Texas!

We are slowly unpacking boxes, and are living in a bit of a mess. We love our new place, and are finding ways to make it our own. Two flights of stairs will be good exercise for us too, despite our out-of-breath grumbles to each other.

Thank you, our parents, for helping us move. We promise to hire someone next time and spare you.

Nathan’s new team has been so welcoming and amazing. Last night we went to a minor league baseball game with most of the families, and enjoyed the company and conversation. (Don’t ask me who won, I have no idea.) All of them have several kids, and are older than us. I’m glad to have people around us to guide us into parenthood and to help us adjust to life here. We’re excited to get to know them.

We’ll be trying new churches for a while. We’ve received many recommendations and are encouraged we’ll find a good fit in time.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We’ve moved into a new community before, and are no strangers to the process. We’re used to living farther away from family, but the major change will be that we can’t just drive down for the weekend every so often.

We know it takes time to find friends, and get plugged in. That part is really sucky, but we’ll get there.

As for me, I’m still checking items off our moving to-do list. BabyH is doing well. I’m at the stage where none of my clothes fit me, but I’m not yet big enough for maternity clothes. I’m still really nauseas without medication, and am tired often. I’m hoping these both start to dwindle off in the next few weeks, as I’m now starting trimester 2. Luckily, there’s a free gym and tons of pools in our apartment complex. Thank goodness for that. It’s freaking hot here.

Here are some ways you can pray for us:

  • For Nathan’s new job. It will be a huge change, in the best way. Pray he adjusts to it well, and thrives. And that we would find a new rhythm in our relationship too with this change.
  • For my job. I can start looking for a job now that we’re here. Pray for direction and provision, if this is the right step for me.
  • For good doctors. I loved my obgyn in Lake Forest, IL. And my chiropractor, and our car mechanic, and my grocery store, and so many other services there. Pray we find places/people here who will take care of us well too.
  • For a good church & quick friends. 


Now that we’re settling in, you’ll be seeing more posts from me. This is one way we can stay connected to people we love who live all over the country. Be sure to follow me to stay updated, and so we can keep up with you too!




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