Our Texas Adventure

We’re moving to Texas!

Nathan has loved his time at Moody Global Ministries, and will be sadly leaving at the end of April. Moody has been a place to gain experience, to be challenged, and to discover his love for marketing and for helping non-profit organizations. We are elated for him to continue moving forward in these fields.

After I graduated, we had a lot to work through as we thought about our future together. What are our individual dreams and goals, and how do they fit together? Where do we want to be in 5 years, and how can we get there? Big questions to answer. 

One of the many reasons why I didn’t pursue a full-time job after I graduated in December was to give us more freedom. I didn’t want to tie us down while we figured out what we both wanted to pursue next. I needed time to rest and rejuvenate anyway, so this was a natural next step for me. I felt that we had been at Moody for so long because I was finishing school, and wanted to give Nathan the space to explore his passions and find a great, new opportunity that he would really love.

As we looked at our lifestyle, it was glaringly apparent that it wouldn’t allow for us to live out our values and long-term goals. Nathan still had to commute by himself 2.5 hours a day. While he handles the commute much better than I ever did, it still meant early mornings, short nights, little time to be with people here, and no energy to pursue his other passions. It also strained us financially as we pay off our student loans. Spiritually, we both felt it would be healthy to take a step back from this environment.

Nathan looked at several opportunities, and finally accepted a job offer last month. This means we’ll be moving to Dallas in June!

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We are sad to leave our Church family and friends here, and will miss our home. We love the people we’ve met and the memories we’ve made. This place has been so good for us in the toughest and best times of our life together. As we say goodbye, we could not be more excited for this new adventure.

How You Can Pray For Us

  • A new place to live. We are taking a trip to Dallas on April 15-20 to find a place to live. We’ve had a tough time finding options that fit our budget and size needs. We’re hoping to find something while we’re there. Ideally, we’d love to rent a home or townhouse. Pray we find a great place to live that’s close to Nathan’s new office.
  • A smooth transition. This is a huge change, and we’re ready for the challenge. I’m sure the closer we get to moving, the harder leaving will become. This will be the farthest we’ve ever lived from family and all of our closest friends.
  • Good friends & community. We’ll be looking for a new church, and new friends to connect with. Pray we can find a church we love right away, and be able to start serving quickly.
  • Direction for me. This means I can start looking for a job, or pursue other options that I’ve been dreaming about. Pray for continued vision for what’s next for me, and for the energy and motivation to pursue it. I’ve been thankful for this season to support Nathan as he pursues a new opportunity, and now I can be more active in my goals too.
  • Provision for Moody. Pray they would be able to rehire his position quickly, and that they will be able to find people to continue support their vision. Moody is doing great work, and is always in need of knowledgable people to keep propelling them forward.

We’re looking forward to lots of sunshine, to exploring a new city, and to see what God has in store for us here. Come hang out with us before we leave at the end of May!


2 Replies to “Our Texas Adventure”

  1. Megan I lived in Richardson, Texas until I started college at at UT Arlington (a suburb between Dallas & Fort Worth.)
    Texas is hot in the summer but it’s great in the winter. You have to visit Austin, which is where the University of Texas is located. Thi s is also the states capital.
    I am so exited for you.

    1. Thanks so much Rhonda, we’re excited too! I didn’t know you lived in Texas for so long. We’re excited to start exploring once we’re there!


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